Sisters of the Immaculate pray in Saludecio
The Church of the Immaculate Conception in Rimini
The house of the founder Father Domenico Masi
The Lourdes Grotto in Miramare
The motherhouse and the generalate in Rimini

«Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament – Mary Immaculate – the Church – the Poor: they are our ideal, they must fill our life; they will allow us to become like the saints and ascend to heaven».

Fhater Domenico Masi

The charism

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The Sisters of Mary Immaculate have been established with the goal to give assistance and educate abandoned and orphaned children. In the constitutions drawn in 1983, the charism of the congregation was detailed in order to adjust themselves to the changing times and the new needs of society and the Church.


Aware that Charisma is a special gift that God grants to one or more persons for the common good, now the Sisters are engaged in the evangelization, catechesis and in the promotion of associations of men and women sharing their spirituality and mission . They are also well placed in the pastoral  of the local church, operating according to the guidelines of the respective pastors and calling for the education of children and young people, moulding human and Christian characters who will be able to live life with responsibility, showing them the certainty of faith.








The sisters serve the elderly and needy children, always focusing the attention on the poorest and making every effort to love the suffering Jesus through them and to show each of them the love the same Jesus has for them. All this expressed above, without neglecting the religious education of the family, through the press and other forms of apostolate.

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One of the best ideas Father Domenico Masi had was to create and hand out the newsletter "Ramoscello d'Olivo", a tool for evangelization that still today, through the Congregation, is sent to thousands of families, bringing them a word of peace and hope.    

The Sisters of the Immaculate are aware that if they want to be able to embody their Charism they must always take the reality around them as their starting point, especially in mission lands. Today’s needs are in fact different from those of the past, but the charism they bring forward is always the same.

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