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«Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament – Mary Immaculate – the Church – the Poor: they are our ideal, they must fill our life; they will allow us to become like the saints and ascend to heaven».

Fhater Domenico Masi

Mission in Paraguay

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The Sisters of Mary Immaculate arrived in Paraguay in February 5th, 1998. The nuns live in the cities of Chóre and Asunción. In Chóre, they have been working since the beginning in collaboration with the priest of the local church, managing the pastoral care of the youth and women and teaching catechism, visiting the sick and infirm and helping the poor, participating to liturgical animation and managing a social pharmacy. Furthermore, they have contributed to the spread of the pastoral action dedicated to childhood mission, which was active only in one parish, while now it is present in 16 parishes, thanks also to the help of the Apostolic Nuncio, Father Orlando Antonini. The nuns are also members of the pastoral council of the parish and of the diocesan team in charge of catechesis. Thanks to a project and the relevant economic support, they managed to create a computer lab and a cooking class workshop for poorer children. The nuns also visit families and the sick and the infirm, providing them with material and spiritual support.  

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They try to contain the diffusion of religious sects attacking Marian dogmas through a tireless work of catechesis. Devotion to Our Lady is widespread among people in Chóre and a traditional pilgrimage takes place to the Sanctuary of Caacupé. The nuns also take the children on pilgrimage to the same Sanctuary every year in October. 

In 2000, two Sisters of Mary Immaculate moved to Asunción, where since then they have been working in close collaboration with the local parish church.  Thanks to their initiative, a soup kitchen was built for about 200 children belonging to the Toba Qom indigenous community, in Cerrito. A preschool was also opened in 2009 for the same children. Thanks to the help of lay friends, educated by the nuns (called Colaboradores de la Inmaculada – collaborators of Mary Immaculate), the small community in Asunción can work with these people who no one has ever cared for.  

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